About Us

Founded in San Antonio, Texas during the cryptocurrency boom, Jamko, Inc. is a technical solutions firm that aspires to progress humanity through the innovation of technology and create a better world for future generations.

Why We Invest

At Jamko, we strive to invest in companies that share our common goal of advancing mankind with technology. We aid our clients with a myriad of business strategies and technical solutions to ensure their growth and longevity. We firmly believe in investing into developing nations in order to achieve a higher standard of living on a global scale, and vow to leave no country behind in this technological revolution.

How We Diversify

We highly value the expansion of all frontiers of knowledge and understanding, and believe in investing into industries that foster a prosperous future for all. Our supported industries include (but are not limited to) agriculture, biomedical, blockchain solutions, education, real estate, and space exploration.

How We Innovate

Consisting of a diverse team of investors, scientists, and engineers, we hold innovative, cross-functional collaboration with the highest esteem. Unified by our common goal, we strongly abide by this method of problem-solving, both within our company and in cooperation with others.

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